#220 – Honda

From a young age your mind Was that of a judge, a logician. Watching your romantic friend die, Washing away his spring snow spirit, Another friend breaking his bowels Like a spurred runaway horse, And another, but this time a love, Mesmerised your eyes with her Tanned thighs, but later died: a poison From a snake … Continue reading #220 – Honda

#218 – Isao

Born to a prominent patriot and Raised as a champion of Kendo. Little did you know that you Were a romantic reborn as a Runaway horse: Power is action, And to truly know is to act. Purple being the colour of corruption While your nation was colourblind. Your dream of the exploding sun behind Eyelids, … Continue reading #218 – Isao

#217 – Kiyoaki

From an aristocratic family of samurai, Fully aware you're the poison That will kill the dignity of your roots. Trapped in the oscillation betwixt nihilism And romantic idealism, you acted And claimed that which was Always yours except now: by doing so you Betrayed your entire heritage. Falling ill like the fall of the Spring … Continue reading #217 – Kiyoaki

Runaway Horses by Yukio Mishima, book review

Runaway Horses or Honba in Japanese is Mishima’s 1969 novel. The second in his tetralogy known as the Sea of fertility, and extremely late in his writing career. This story follows Honda as a thirty-eight year old, and Isao Iinuma who he comes to believe is the reincarnation of his childhood friend Kiyoaki twenty years after his death. Isao … Continue reading Runaway Horses by Yukio Mishima, book review

On Hagakure: The samurai ethic and modern Japan by Yukio Mishima, book review

On Hagakure or Hagakure Nyuman in Japanese (Introduction to Hagakure in English) is Yukio Mishima's 1967 take on Jocho Yamamoto's (1659-1791) Samurai ethics, which was written down by one of his followers and is known as The Hagakure, which means 'Hidden among the leaves'. In this text the views of Yamamoto were set down and came … Continue reading On Hagakure: The samurai ethic and modern Japan by Yukio Mishima, book review