#178 – Church

I wish to walk upon your marble floors, I wish to walk down your golden halls. "O' King who has been praised like no other! Knight me, and take of my sin: cure Me, o' fateful father!" Hold me in your arms, o' salacious mother. The kidney that flushes out the self-induced poisons, With the … Continue reading #178 – Church


#177 – Cranium

I sit upon my throne, Forged with calcium and bone. Sinew as bricks of stone, Shards hard like diamond known. I sit upon my inescapable throne, Trapped by my own bone. A prison hard like stone, Unbreakable; holding what can be known.

#176 – Plight

Traversing Chaos, pushing back Sin and Death; Though you may covet me so to you I am deaf. To come out and swing on fate's chain, golden; I behold! Earth like a beast by the collar to hold. To climb, to ascend to the heavens, but not Heaven. Falling, falling freely the Chaos terrifies more … Continue reading #176 – Plight

#175 – Nature

Fed us Mother nature and Father sky The fruit, the life nectar that leads us to die. Born from no virgins, no freaks of nature, In us an idea of ourselves we nurture. What is it that Aristotle said? One Outside of society is a God or Beast. Are you the fire, the wood, the … Continue reading #175 – Nature

#172 – Of disobedience

You expect of me that supplicant knee bent with obedience eternally like the child born new and fresh from your being; just as I, to you, have come. This knee now unbent, straightened with disobedience to defy, refuse and stand against you. For thou art my father, maybe, but you are no parent of mine. You think by creation alone you earn my doubtful … Continue reading #172 – Of disobedience