#14 – Mansken and Solsken

Two sides of the same coin, Completely different but inexplicably the same, Only an edge to separate, It’s the celebrated line to mark differences and strengths. Mirrors with different reflections and reflections showing different faces. What is the edge to the world but a whimsical twist of fate? What If a flip could unite and … Continue reading #14 – Mansken and Solsken

Preface to Dante’s Inferno concerning Greed/Mammon

Dante enters the fourth circle of Hell: Greed. He says to Virgil (his Pagan guide: the great Latin poet of the Aeneid) that he doesn't recognise anyone here, but Virgil rebukes him by telling him to stop being so vain and look deeper. The reason he cannot recognise them is not because he doesn't know … Continue reading Preface to Dante’s Inferno concerning Greed/Mammon

#13 – Serenity be my heart

In the silence of the night, Dressed In darkness I approach my love. I Whisper to soothe her heart: "Long have I waited...Alone...For you." In this secret place we stand together. In silence we need nothing. In this secret place I want nothing. Serenity be my heart in the presence of my goddess.

#12 – Wolves

Sick of the pack, the wolves, Running and seeking while staying together, Singularity Is none existent to you, Strength in numbers, weakness In singles. Throw your morals at my face, When you're the one who forgot them, I never swore loyalty to you, And you have never shown me such a thing, And yet I'm … Continue reading #12 – Wolves

Letters to a young contrarian by Christopher Hitchens, book review

Christopher Hitchens: a name that conjures up many images; the cultured, well spoken Englishman. The relentless debater. The politically and economically educated. A man who comes across in conversation in such a way that forces you to conclude that he has read every single book within existence. This time he writes in a way that he … Continue reading Letters to a young contrarian by Christopher Hitchens, book review

#187 – In honour of Dante Alighieri

By the pleasure of flesh and lust The passing affection hinders and shackles the heart. By the bottomless gorging and base consuming The items once sustained become unsustainable. By the greed of the thankless palm The coin of ill-giving and taking meld to the flesh. By the habitual pandering and untimely lazing The body grows … Continue reading #187 – In honour of Dante Alighieri