A statue used to stand proud and tall,
From all around admiring eyes upon it did fall,
The sight: glamorous and leading the heart’s of men,
Like lambs from grazing fields to the lion’s den.

Time past is lost with yet more time,
History is forgotten and obscured by wrapped vine,
The statue’s tale no longer sung,
And the God’s bells no longer rung.

Cry to fill the man-made gaps,
Dragging you down with all that you believe,
Your mind and your heart deceived,
Chained corpse covered and hidden amongst the leaves.

Was the idol ever found?
Beheaded and missing his crown,
The Godhead has been removed,
The human heart no longer there to be abused.

I wasn’t sure I could leave,
Evidently I was deceived,
Deep in my heart I sighed,
I took myself and left this time.

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