From the blood stained origin of humanity comes religion. Religion is the first attempt at truth and our first science. As with all first attempts, religion is barbaric and unfounded in fact. There is a true miracle in humanities history, that miracle is the lack of evidence and truth in every religious belief and statement. Thanks to many scholars and Israeli archaeology, there really is little left to debunk about our past. The holy texts get almost everything wrong. Morality and community predate religion, while it is claimed that God gave us both things via religion. This is evidently absurd when not only did religion appear quite far into our history (A maximum of ten thousand years.), but animals also possess community and species based morals. Exactly like religion they are species based constructs that have no truth.

As we have become more abundant and get closer to this modern time, we see religion grow, collect from hundreds of ideas into one (Or better said: The remaining few, to not be disrespectful to faiths other than the Abrahamic faiths).

Religion in fact reduces our adaptability and individuality as does all dogma, it sticks to tradition when it no longer serves us. In our modern time, religions such as Christianity are becoming more and more vague and obscure in order to survive, as this happens the concept of God is made even more unknowable and the followers are essentially becoming deists.

The statements of religion are made by an Author of the religion (God) but state that they are merely the will of god when the Pope, bishops, common preachers and followers say it. They are speaking as a collective. Thus denying free thought and the breaking of tradition, unable to question – Unable to change.

I am in no way fearful of our future, I am in fact terrified of our past, and to keep to tradition is to not adapt and move with the times. Religions require dogma, and dogmas in essence are unchangeable and unquestionable, which makes bad dogma extremely damaging and a persistent problem to our future (Racism, slavery, misogyny, suicide, abortion, contraception and AIDS being but a few of the problems that could easily be solved but were made worse via God based dogmas).

Religion is the miss perception of the desire to connect to nature, our communities and ourselves. We have ended up worshipping the idea (God), just as the deluded artist admires his work instead of the creator of the work, he himself being the talent, not the work which is a bi-product of the talent. God created man in his own image, flawed and superstitious, or was it the other way around and that is why the concept of God is so flawed?

The strongest evidence of the Judea-Christian god being man made is the simple fact it is referred to as a “He” and is incredibly sexist. Upon the birth of a Jew, the parent thinks look at this beautiful creation! It is perfect! It shall be raised and educated into a great human! Oh but this bit must go! It is flawed. Circumcision is mandated by the Old Testament (1) and therefore in male Jews is an extremely common practice and is an unhealthy attitude towards one of the key organs and functions of a man. It damages the male sex drive, the male organs pleasure and this is exactly the purpose of doing it. It is also a disgusting ritual done to a baby, it is pure child abuse fuelled by the concept of God. Most people do not know that the original ritual of circumcision is ended by the blood and wound being sucked by the man that performs the circumcision to stop the blood flow, resulting in the passing of fluids which is a huge risk of disease to the infant and is also a clear violation of the Child’s body, this ritual is known as Metzitzah B’Peh (2) and It is one of the most disgusting practices I know of. Some say that circumcision serves no purpose but to mark a child as God’s child. Judaism was a sacrificial religion, therefore circumcision origins lie in blood sacrifice that is now dressed up as a baby naming ritual. To put it perfectly I shall quote Heraclitus (3): “Tainted with blood they purify themselves…As if someone who stepped into mud were cleansed with mud.”

The flood (4) is a myth that comes from the epic of Gilgamesh (5); this myth contains the flood, the boat and the storm (6). This myth predates Judaism and the amount of virgin births gets a tad ridiculous. The Torah contains six hundred and thirteen commandments but the ten were given directly to Moses by God, most of the six hundred and thirteen commandments are now irreverent because we don’t sacrifice animals anymore. The Ten Commandments (7) are barely moral at all and even the most moral of them have substantial clauses: Thou shalt not do murder. Did you ever read the Old Testament and see this rule and then soon after read of the Jewish people killing and destroying local cities? Thou shalt not do no murder applies only to your own tribe and it means you shall not unjustly kill. You may kill, but not murder. There is no prohibition against killing justly in Jewish law. Why no Thou shalt not rape? Thou shalt not despise your own nature? Thou shalt not harm children? Thou shalt not treat a woman as unequal? Thou shalt not tell others what not and what to do?

In a single minute, I, a mere usual man with no Divinity could rewrite these commandments into a far more moral list of rules. Then why has God failed us in this respect with his clear lack of timelessness. It seems God is being eaten by the Zeitgeist.

Christians have always claimed persecution incorrectly, when the flock was fed to the lions, they were not fed alone. The Christians were a minority in the huge groups who were regularly fed to the beasts of the Roman Empire. The reason Nero murdered Christians in particular was because they held onto the dogma that all humanity must be Christian and nothing else, which is exactly why so many dislike Islam today. Why? Because it is a tyrannical belief that demands that all people conform to a single belief and its doctrines without question.

When the apparent Christ was nailed to the cross (8), he was nailed with many other people. It was a routine punishment for any criminal. The Christ was not martyred; he was tortured and murdered like so many others. Also note that he was put to death as a charlatan of the Jewish faith. If it was God’s will to save us via his own death (Jesus’ death), then why should we feel guilty for playing into God’s hands? Also why isn’t Judas praised as the deliverer of our fate and heavenly future? And who was it who sentenced countless Pagans to exile or torture just because a Roman emperor decided to convert to Catholicism? Who was it who burnt witches when their own Bible is full of magic(9)? Who was it who had slaves? Enslaved blacks and destroyed them for being ‘inferior’? Who murdered whores and homosexuals?

It is indeed ironic that slavery (10) was condoned and became a huge event due to biblical texts. Yet those poor people who were taken from their homes and brought to America now embrace their historical chains and not only indulge in them with hypocrisy, but actively defend and love the very thing which destroyed them, reduced them to animals and caused so much historic racism and difficulty in the first place. The bible does condemn homosexuality, embrace slavery and the beating of them (11). To ignore the slavery section while being a black man while at the same time condemning homosexuals is a different breed of stupidity. Of all people, they should know the absolute evil done to them in the name of God and because of those beliefs inspired by that concept and by people telling another class they are inferior. But no, the religious black community pushes that aside and keeps itself blind in a masochistic rapture.

The sins of the father are not the sins of the son and it is disgusting to think so. Furthermore, this makes Jesus the bearer of all sins as his father was the one who created them, thus when Jesus was murdered all was forgiven, he forgave himself, not his creation. What sort of childish and manipulative deity would need to do such a thing? If Jesus died for all of our sins then there is nothing we should or should not do, we all have our seat in heaven by default. Thus, Christianity is pointless to Christians and to everyone else. When a Christian speaks to me of morals, I reply: “Don’t you dare speak of morals to me, when your history is built on victimising yourself when you were more often than not the executioner.” The only thing Jesus ever said that was admirable was the golden rule, and he was not the first to say it. When you consider his other teachings, the golden rule really is the only thing that he said that should be accepted, when you have people like the Buddha (12) and Confucius (13) saying the same thing with far less dogma and dangerous ideas about the future, it is confusing why anyone admires him at all. These ideas are passed on and followed purely because this man self-titled himself the Son of God. He was evidently the son of Man and his flawed ideology proves it.

The foundational beliefs of Islam stand in the way of the emancipation of women (14). If you still hold the dogma’s that are blatantly immoral, then not only do I have a moral obligation to question it, I also have a right to condemn it and indeed I will.

Back onto the common practice of circumcision. Islam practices circumcision on both male and females (15), cutting off the clitoris and labia. If this does not show a hatred for the woman’s naturally given functions for pleasure as well as men’s then I am not sure what does.

There is also the nasty habit of denying any knowledge just because it doesn’t come from the Islamic texts. In 642 AD, Alexandria was captured by the Muslim army. Bar-Hebraeus (16), writing in the 13th century, quotes Omar as saying “If those books are in agreement with the Qur’an, we have no need of them; and if these are opposed to the Qur’an, destroy them.”

In the infancy of the Islamic empire it had become a pioneer in medicine, astronomy, arithmetic and philosophy. The only reason the Western world still has texts such as Aristotle and Plato is because they were preserved in the East when they were destroyed or lost in the West. They were translated and brought back into circulation. But something happened to the Islamic Imperial empire which halted this and they haven’t recovered due to the strict guidelines of Islam or took up these endeavours ever since. The close of the Islamic enlightenment was caused by many things. A huge contribution to this was Imam Hamid al-Ghazali (17) who is quoted as saying “The work of numbers is the work of the devil”, destroying all scientific methods, astronomy and mathematics.

Any man who takes teaching from an illiterate, paedophilic polygamist is clearly a little damaged. The lack of respect for women and the total imbalance of Equality are the main flaws of the Islamic faith. But there is one thing that trumps all that. The belief that all men and women should be under the Islamic faith and that you should make that happen. The return of the Islamic Imperial Empire would be a disgusting thing. Half of the world being mistreated and anyone who questions it put to death, because the punishment for apostasy (The abandonment or renunciation of a religious belief) is death (18). The apostasy doctrine also means that the Sunni followers have to kill the Shi’a followers and the Shi’a followers have to kill the Sunni followers, as they both believe they are the true way and only way. According to Islamic law both need to kill the other, although they are both Muslim and following the Islamic law. You may not and will not think what you like under that rule; you will die if you express it. Welcome to Russia, but this time, God is the tyrant not a mere man, and God is immortal and eternal, the tyranny will not and cannot end. At least with the Soviet states, the leaders would die with time and so would their ideologies and dictatorship. There is no chance of this with the concept of God. It will stay unchanging and eternal.

Why would an all knowing and all powerful god need praise? Why would he need to kill himself to save us all? When he could have just forgiven us all in an instant? He is clearly man made, he is a he, and he is sexist and a racist. He is the reason the Africans and the whole of the South America’s were slaves, the whole of the North American’s murdered, women covered and not equal to men, why children are stoned for questioning, why fully grown adults are still murdered for changing their religions or even questioning the beliefs that they do hold, why 60 year old men are virgins. It is a religion that goes against everything that is natural to us, making being a human a sin. Merely by being born, you’re dirtied by a sin that he created. Even if there is a God, I’ll be happy to go against such a tyrant. We have either been set up from the beginning by our creator, as if there was no sin created by him, there would be no punishment or problem with us. Or we are still the childish tribal people playing control games with our community.

Quite simply, there is no divinity in man. All the works that suggest anything of the sort are all man made and that is exactly the point. With or without God you can be a good person, God has become wholly (Pun intended) irrelevant to our moral endeavour and quite literally has been one of the major things to stand in the way of us progressing as a race (The human race, there is no such thing as sub-races of humans). We are not gods because we are not symbols of ourselves; we are what we made the symbol of god to represent in the first place.

I have often heard people say “Do not blame God for human error”. Well if God did indeed create us then who else is to blame for the error that was created in us? If a man was to create a chair that collapsed when you sat on it, you may show some mild annoyance at your damaged behind and sore ego, but who would be at fault? Would you find the fault in the creator or the weight of your ass? Surely you would blame both. Oh but the chair maker says this chair has free will, it can choose when it will collapse all by itself. Well, why the bloody hell did you give it that? You made something and gave it a function, and then you punish and disown it when it expresses the very function that you gave it. This argument for man being responsible for man’s own error is perfectly sound….When you leave God out of it. The moment God enters the argument the tyranny begins. I gave you the gift of free-will (19), you may not express it! I gave you a curious mind, insatiable for knowledge, you may not have it! And when you try, I will punish you! Where does this masochism end? If indeed we do have free-will, it is a tyrannical gift, or should I say trap, of our very nature, an in-built self-destruct button. What a flawed and capricious creator, what a risk taking creator, what an impudent and idiotic father one does have. If a human father was to do such a thing he would be rightly despised, but the all-knowing (One would assume all knowing would mean it also knew what giving us free-will would result in.) creator of everything is of course exempt, Why? Because we cannot put responsibility on something we do not know. If you’re not religious you can happily take responsibility for your actions. If however you believe in God, you must concede his lack of foresight and his building of a flawed machine and then his punishment which he gave to the machines due to its failure. When the failure is due to the creator. If anything God should be punishing himself for his retarded actions and expressing his free-will to make a retarded child. The concept of God is what religious people would call ‘Un-Godly’ in morals, and what us secular people call inhumane. If indeed God is perfect, it needn’t do anything; making our creation a thing it did not need to do but did anyway. Either it is perfectly capricious or as limited and flawed as man.

The missionary:
When you consider the riches that religions have collected over the years, the grand art and cathedrals, the golden sceptres. You would think they would have more to offer poor countries then to send penniless people with white, pure clothes on in order to build a church and preach. You are not helping these people, you are using them. If you truly want to help someone you do not have an agenda, you teach them and give them what they need to survive by themselves. If you come from a western country and do such a thing you should be ashamed at your pathetic and condescending manner of trying to help such people. Which most of them are in that exact situation because of your beliefs in the first place. These people do not need your faith, your assumptions or your abuse. They need your humanity, not your godhood.

A short digression – Catholicism:
The creation of free-will brings me to Catholicism. According to all who follow the concept of God; a creator can do what it likes to its creation, as it created it. Catholicism teaches this and admits it but at the same time denies that right to a mother. This is pure hypocrisy. If you create a baby and it is a mistake, that mistake should not be continued into an entire human life. Circumstances do affect this momentous choice. A raped woman would be denied an abortion; she is condemned to raise a baby who anyone in their right mind would see as a symbol of her rape. The chance of infanticide, prenatal depression or just pure hatred towards the child in these situations are so great that given the choice of abortion, many a woman would be wise to take it, and if the woman does agree or chooses to take this measure, she should not be hated for it. Imagine the rapist had AIDS, both the mother and baby would be condemned by Catholic dogma to live with this disease and of course inevitable die with and from it. According to Catholicism this is moral. And accordingly AIDS is deemed bad, a punishment, but abortion and condoms are seen as worse. You make your own mind up about how absurd that statement is.

Homosexuality and condoms are despised as unnatural things. But what is more unnatural than an old virgin telling people not only who to have sex with, but how? When you add this to the fact that Catholicism has ritually sodomised and raped children of both sexes for around two thousand years now, then they really don’t have a moral or natural leg to stand on. You cannot condemn unnatural acts while indulging in them. You preach love and tolerance do you not? Homosexuality is not just about sex, it is also a form of love and your intolerance for it shows your barbaric and war like origins. That origin is the concept of God. And one does not need to procreate in order to love another human being. So why condemn the condom? Also, can an infertile couple not love each other? Can a couple who choose to marry but not procreate still love each other? Of course they can! Your beliefs are contradictory.

An even shorter digression – Concerning the virgin births:
Not only do virgin births make no sense but such a thing would give the child 23 chromosomes and not 46, he would lack a half (Note that no women were every born of a virgin or were prophets of God). That man via virgin birth is in fact a walking human egg, he is as unfertilised as a chicken egg that that you eat for breakfast. If this is not absurd I do not know what is.

Also consider the fact that if a Jewish woman was found out to have committed adultery, she would be stoned to death by Jewish law. Meaning that if she had done so and got pregnant, the lie of the virgin impregnation would save her from death. Furthermore, if she had committed adultery and became pregnant but this was also known to the husband, the only way for the husband to forgive her (Rather than stone her) is to go along with the lie and fool the whole community so she isn’t murdered by others.

The golden rule was first spoken by the Babylonian Rabbi Hillel (20). He is associated with the development of the Mishnah and the Talmud. He is recorded as being asked by a Gentile to recite the entire Torah while he stood on one foot. He accepted the question and replied “What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow: this is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn”. Christianity is a plagiarism and should be dismissed as one. As is Judaism of pre-history myths such as the epic of Gilgamesh and common Egyptian stories. While Islam is a plagiarism of both Christianity and Judaism, and far worse than that. Islam is the plagiarism of the worst parts of both of these religions.

You know as much as everyone else. You neither know God is real or unreal, so stop making preposterous assumptions and stating them as truths. Neither do you know the mind of God, nor if you did surely it would be infallible, un-speared by logic and can only mean one thing and one thing only. Whatever you state is your opinion, not your fact. ‘Opinion’ being the key word, you would have had my respect if you maintained that opinion to yourself from the start and not shared it for no purpose but to push other peoples well thought out and valid opinions aside in one sweep like a child not getting its own way.

After you read this I suggest you read the old and new testament, the Koran and the Torah and then tell yourself why you follow such a tyrannical god as that and also follow several men who preached nothing new while also preaching many immoral things at the same time.

Let’s all be honest, it’s not the fundamentalists that are the problem, it is the fundamentals of certain religion’s dogmas that are the problem. I.e. if you’re Muslim or Christian but do not believe that it is the word of God and infallible, you’re my religious friend.

I do not want to destroy the idea of God, only the idea of a personalised god. If we could all be reduced to Agnostics, Atheists or Deists I would consider this world a much better place. A deist is someone that believes in a god but no organised religion. I.e. we were created by a god but that god does not intervene in our affairs, doesn’t care who we sleep with, what we eat, what we drink, what we say etc. There is not a punishment or reward for what we do. This is the only life we have. I am not an atheist so don’t you dare slap that label on me. It is far less presumptuous than believing in god, as atheism is a lack of faith, not a faith that there is no god, but either way it is an assumption, not knowledge. I do not know or believe in or not in the existence of God, I pretty much do not care whether or not it does exist. But I am most definitely an anti-theist and I am sure that is self-evident.

The concept of God is damaging, it also makes us despise what we are and our own nature. I refuse to believe that what I naturally am is something to be disgusted in and I am always happy to spread and share the view that we are what we are. An ape with an urge to learn and know, with a nature that makes us curious and adventurous, with a moral system invented and decided by our entire race over time. The concept of God destroys everything that we are.

I maintain the view that not only is the concept of God offensive to our very nature but it is also degrading to not only our nature, but the entire animal kingdom. They are seen as tools and nothing more, and you, a human, are a toy in this cosmic playground, you shall do Gods bidding and God shall get all the credit for what you achieve. When man does well, God is given credit. When man does evil, man is condemned. Anyone who has been in a manipulative relationship will instantly recognise the pure evil of such a dictatorship. Instead, we should take credit for both the good and the bad that we do, not as gods, but as humans.

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14. The sheer amount of hateful and disrespectful quotes towards women in the Qur’an is overwhelming. Instead of quoting passages I would recommend you read the whole of the Qur’an.
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