#11 – Älskling

I was dressed entirely in black, And you...In yourself, Perfect...I never knew such a thing... And there you was, staring right at me. Your eyes always told me what you couldn't say, That you were mine and wished you could stay, Your lips taught me everything, But how to live without you. And every night … Continue reading #11 – Älskling

#9 – Gravity

Not every man can prove their weight, their worth. With dreams of wings I am forced to walk. I wish to become the challenger of my own gravity, To rise so much higher than fate will allow. A wall of fate; nothing satisfies. Just because I defy you, doesn't make me wrong. The size of … Continue reading #9 – Gravity

#8 – Truth

Blood fed flower, beautiful yet so sour, To wander with countless hours, The sun rising spills grief with its rays, There's always darkness to show the way. It's hunger that opened my eyes to reality, Indulgence in my desires and limited abilities, This is perpetual, never ending, Our freedom, we each our own gods of … Continue reading #8 – Truth

Kant and Theology by Pamela Sue Anderson and Jordan bell, book review

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), a philosopher from the Eastern Prussian empire on the Baltic sea was born in the city of Königsberg. An unlikely place for a philosophical revolution perhaps, but that is what Kant gave us never the less. A very simple way to get across the type of man he was; is to study … Continue reading Kant and Theology by Pamela Sue Anderson and Jordan bell, book review

#7 – Kefka

Kefka Is my name, Killing kings is my game A mask to make me tame, Now I'm out, never in again. When people disagree with me, I kill them with stamping, what a tragedy. Lick the blood from my shoes, Taste It like all the other fools. Combing a desert for scum. Becoming a God … Continue reading #7 – Kefka

Narrative over fact: The US election fraud.

If anything proves that narrative is valued over reality and objective facts, it is the reports about Trump's claim of election fraud. A video is available of many Democrat workers openly admitting how they commit election fraud, and yet what do the papers say? Well let's take a look: Voter fraud is rare, so no: … Continue reading Narrative over fact: The US election fraud.