It is often said by people that they are against Christianity and Islam, and religion in general because they themselves exalt enlightenment principles of humanism: but are those principles built out of science and the factual objective world? No, they are built from a belief that all humans are universally worth respect and deserve life because they were made in the image of God, and thus deserve love – that is a Christian value stemming from Judaism. This image of God bestows on humankind a level of nobility which deserves, craves and owes itself respect, ethical treatment and self-respect as well as social and family based respect and love.

If you remove the image of God, you have merely re-branded a Christian value in the Western world. The Western Liberal morality and ethics that run deep in our societies are protestant ethics refined and debated during the reformation and the enlightenment period: this fundamentally challenged many views of Christianity, and expanded many others within Christianity. The enlightenment period was heterodox Christianity battling its ideas of respect, life and freedom against the orthodox Christianity. It was a protestant/Catholic debate between each other and themselves. Thus humanism is parasitic of Christian ethics, and is a direct propagation from Christian core values.

So, for one to say they’re against religion because of their humanistic moral views is to commit to the nonsensical argument: that they’re against what gave society its values. These are the values which they are using to reject something which they and society have accepted, and wish to continue to accept. This is simply nonsense.

Humanistic moral views are as much a part of Christianity and its history, and religion and its history, as they are a part of morality itself. In particular, Christianity is overtly Humanistic in its world-view and moral framework.

To be against Christianity because of Humanism is an absurd straw-man. The only way you can possibly come to believe that it is not an absurd straw-man is if you yourself straw-man the entire religion as unhumanistic, while ignoring all of your humanistic views which stem directly from said religion, and the plethora of debates surrounding religion in general.

It is often said that an idea has truly become successful when we no longer even attribute it to its author and origin, but take it as a universal and objective fact. This is certainly true of our current moral framework in the Western world. It is historically, ethically and metaphysically Christian in its world view and moral assumptions, assertions, propositions and teachings.

2 thoughts on “Removing the virtues of religion through historical revision.

  1. Agreed. I’d be interested in a follow-up article that discusses the history of when humans began to identify with divinity and engage in worship & exaltation their own species.
    Also, I find what your writing about here also holds true for christians who adhere to and practice anti-semitism.

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    1. I would love to write such an article when I have the research and sources behind me. Thank you for the idea!
      And what do you mean by the last statement? Unpack that for me so I can understand. Happy to discuss. 🙂


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