The Canadian Jordan B. Peterson recently did a video for the New Year, I thought it was profound and decided to paraphrase some of his main points for people to read.

He said that religion isn’t the problem, tribalism is. Tribalism is when you push out and pull in set people who disagree and agree respectively. This prevents debate. Freedom of speech is not a principle nor law for governing debate: it is the metaphysical foundation in which a debate is even possible. Thus freedom of speech is not something which comes into debate, but allows it to even exist. It is primary, and thus cannot be removed because then you do not have a debate: you have coercion and pushing.

All values exclude and include. That isn’t bad considering it narrows our views to make certain aims achievable. Narrowing your view and setting your sight on something is what value is. Attacking this notion is in itself nonsense, as it requires you to do exactly that to oppose it. Committing a contradiction.

Dead matter and living tissue is not the same in value and nihilism denies this, thus is not only excluding certain values but excluding all values: in its inclusivity to exclude it destroys all goodness. SJW and the like is nihilism negating society of every value.

Concerning SJW and Feminism: groups cannot suffer, only those who compose it can, thus identity politics is the evil it seeks to destroy, it perpetuates what it says is evil. It uses group think over individuals. It classes women as women rather than individuals who happen to be women, it classes men as men rather than individuals who happen to be men – so if a man does what a woman does or vice versa only their sex determines the morality of the action: this is evil.

In SJW and Feminist theory the sanctity of feminism is worth defending more than the sanctity of women’s right not to be gang raped by migrants. They are willing to ignore rape, murder and patriarchy when it doesn’t suit their identity politics. Which is to ignore the individual in favour of the idea: this is what ideologues are made of: it is evil.

New year video paraphrased:
‘A New Years Letter to the World’ –


Jordan B. Peterson and Jonathan Pageau released a video talking about current treads and their meaning, particularly Pepe. They talk about the inversion of values. So when someone accuses someone else of being racist, and they just say “Yes.” in reply: which makes people crumble because shame isn’t working regardless of whether they are or not. Pepe is a personification of that attitude. It acts as a mirror for your ideology: if you look at a Pepe meme of Hitler and think that is racist and anti-Semitic, rather than making Hitler look like a silly frog: you’re ideologically rigid and filter your information through that ideological lens. Thus, Pepe allows people to see oppressor and oppressed from both sides depending on who is looking. It also bears your biases by showing what you jump for: the left-wing branding all Pepe memes as racist, when most of them are just stupid caricatures of someone famous, was a good demonstration on how bathed in identity politics the left have become. They cannot not see racism, sexism and xenophobia because they are looking for anything which can be interpreted that way.

They bring up a fable in order to show a deep metaphysical truth in such tales related to the ugly frog. The fable selected is the one about the princess, the golden ball and the frog. She plays with her golden ball which is her everything, it goes in the pond and floats away: she has lost her meaning and best thing – death of god, values, morality, love, etc – but a frog offers to get it for her. Her best thing has been thrown into chaos and the frog offers to get it on the condition that he can live in the castle with her, eat her food and sleep in her bed – she agrees reluctantly. He gets the ball, brings it out of chaos and gives it back to her – she has regained her best thing, her values – she begrudges the frog, but thanks him be letting him live in her castle, and keeping her agreement for his deed. She doesn’t know that the ball going into chaos and being brought back isn’t the best thing she has. The frog who is willing to bring the best thing back to her out of chaos is actually the best thing she now has – thus he transforms into a prince, and she realises that the best thing she has is a prince, who she thought was an ugly frog. This ‘ugly frog’ now-prince takes chaos away from everything she holds dear: the prince is a saviour and the bringer of stability, the strangler of chaos. She’s gains him as a prince, and no longer sees a frog.

Pepe video paraphrased:
‘The Metaphysics of Pepe’ –

2 thoughts on “Paraphrasing Jordan B. Peterson.

  1. Good stuff. I see you’re in England. In San Francisco, the SJWs have taken over. They use shame to prevent free speech. Disagree, and you’re a racist, bigot, homophobe, Islamophobe, etc., to the point that the argument is already over. You have to go on the defensive and defend yourself before you can even get back into the argument.

    Ironically, I’ve had a white guy call me a white supremacist because I supported Trump. He completely failed to see the irony of what’s going on – I’m not exactly white and he wanted to suppress my beliefs (I’m the guy with glasses in the band). Is that not white supremacy in action?

    Sadly, if anyone will defend women and gays, it would be us. The migrants are the most sexist and homophobic people you’ll ever meet. Yes, you do get a lot more of those assholes over there, but some of them are coming here and the ones of us with brains aren’t too happy about it. Thus, the election of Trump even though there are lots of his policies we don’t necessarily agree with (I’m an environmentalist for instance). Trump is our Brexit.

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    1. Yes, I am in England. It is very similar here. We have many problems where the media simply won’t report events, or when they do they title them in a way which suggests such people are racially motivated when white, but never racially motivated when black. The contradictory thinking systems is fast catching up with them however. I have noticed a change in the public mood and a move towards more Conservatives values even in my most Liberal of friends.

      If you’re thinking in terms of race, and your thinking system can excuse or attack someone simply because of race, you are a racist. The left are so blind to this that they can be white, while being racist against whites and also other races by wanting to mother them without even seeing it is them that is racist. Islam is the left’s oppressed pet, it is everything they hate but it wants a big state and looks like a victim – so they are using Islam to remove the opposition. Islam isn’t even the enemy anymore. The enemy are the people who allow Islam to have power and excuse their crimes.

      On a positive note:
      I think people are seeing this for what it is. It can only keep going for so long as it has been openly and widely seen for the nonsense that it is. All we have to do is keep sharing their nonsense and pushing.


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