So, a young white male who is handicapped was taken hostage by four BlackLivesMatters activists (two male, two female). He was tortured, screamed at for being white and voting Trump. He was cut open and forced to do things on video, while being beaten. The torture was livestreammed to Facebook. Yet, barely anyone is talking about it and it is not all over the news.

Stefan Molyneux made a very clear and painful point: imagine this was a group of white men and women doing this to a young disabled black female, all the while screaming fuck blacks and Obama…imagine the reaction. Imagine the media reaction, imagine how long this would be used against whites, imagine how long this would prove America hates blacks. Just imagine how useful this video would be to Democrats and everyone who hates Trump and Conservatives. Just imagine it.

Original source:
‘Shocking moment Chicago teen gang – including two girls – ‘kidnap and torture’ special-needs man while streaming entire ordeal live on Facebook and screaming racist and anti-Trump remarks’ –

Stefan Molyneux’s video:
‘What Pisses Me Off About The “F@&K White People” Chicago Kidnapping’ –


Stefan Molyneux’s aftermath video:
‘“F@&K White People” Chicago Kidnapping: Aftermath’ –


2 thoughts on “The CIS-white male patriarchy is at it again: being tortured by privilege.

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