Every night I drift into sleep,
The same dream, the same adventure each time.
For my mind is spiralling and trying to find:
What does any of this mean?

And I find myself now, half way through my life,
I’ve found a cliff edge,
Abyss will you eat me? Consume and take my pride?
I have found I’m alone.

I look into this abyss:
With no master I seem to recognise my own face,
With no slave I seem to see my fate,
I wish to become my master,
Time falls like grains of sand,
I think I’ve found the answer.

The sands come, the gap is my grave.
Right or left no longer open to choice,
For forward is my domain,
A path to Princedom is shown.

As I fall I realise my reward: Pain.
Rewards are always double edged,
Humanity a higher animal,
Yet deprived and depraved to the core.
Feed yourself.

I return as my master,
Not a son of any morning,
I am here to feed myself,
I return to reverse my deprivation,
To indulge my deprivations.

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