If you want gender to be irrelevant stop calling yourself a Feminist, and perpetuating debunked myths. Instead take a history and biology course. It is easy to be against gender when you only ever deal with and push a strawman of gender.

Also, take a look into Equity Feminism (which is rejected by SJWs, modern Feminism and third-wave Feminism) where men and women are seen as equal in being worthy of basic respect and opportunities, but are not equal in terms of body, gender, interests and ability.

Being for equal rights is a noble cause so long as you do not push that people are literally equal in every respect. Denying gender, scientific fact, while pushing incorrect and debunked myths, a lack of individuality, a collective of sameness, conformity in intellectual diversity for the sake of physical diversity, the normalisation of paedophilia and ignoring cause and effect when your pet minority commits a crime – is ignorant and evil. Pushing your huge world-wide conspiracy of female oppression by men is the height of intellectually dishonest hubris in your own thinking system.

Women have never had it so good as in the Western world, yet won’t criticise the rest of the world when there is very clear evidence of genuine patriarchy in other cultures. But you can’t do that, that would be racist.

Equality Feminism is contradictory. Drop it. Check yourself into a hysteria clinic and calm down. No one cares for your propaganda anymore, and no one will be coerced and cowed into your nonsense any longer.

One thought on “The death-throes of Feminism.

  1. The West doesn’t throw acid in the faces of women who won’t marry them, burn widows, cut off clitorises, or cover our women in big ass black clothing in the middle of summers. It amazes me how they find no problem with all this stuff while going absolutely nuts over trivial matters here.

    There are literally thousands of lawyers in America who are just dying to get a real sexism case. For one, fame. For another, big money. Strangely, they haven’t had one since Walmart. I wonder why that is…

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