Hello, everyone. 🙂
I have been repeatedly told to get a Patreon in order to pick up small change from my writings. So here it is:

‘I am a Masters of Philosophy student in Wales, and I am from England. I write essays, articles, book reviews and poems in my spare time. Which is what I post here:

The reason I am on Patreon is because I am currently a student who spends all of his spare time studying and posting articles that I have written in order to fuel debate and educate people on convoluted subjects like current events.

Being a student I will appreciate any spare change that can be given to me if you appreciate my work, and because I spend almost all of my time writing you will be sure to have at least a few pieces of work per month. The money donated will be put towards books that I require to study and write, and being able to get myself the spare time without damaging my own economic situation.
I appreciate any donation you can afford or feel my work deserves, thank you in advance!’

Direct link to my Patreon account:


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