I recently set up a Patreon account for myself after many people have shown support for me as a writer and suggested that they would be willing to give occasional donations. How Patreon works is that you sign up for a set amount of money a month. For example, if you become my patron on my Patreon account you will be donating whatever amount you like a month to me in order to keep me writing and so I can expand how much time and the material I have to write with, and how often articles, poems, essays and book reviews come out. This once a month donation can be as small as $0.01 (1 cent). It is worth mentioning that you can cancel being my patron at any point.

If donating once a month to me interests you then you can find my Patreon account here:

However, many people I have spoken to prefer to give one-off donations whenever they feel like it or have the economic situation to do so (personally that is what I do with the writers that I fund).

If making a one-off donation interests you, you can find me on Paypal.com under the email address:

Thank you in advance for any support you can give.
All the best,
Marcus Skjøte.


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