Milo Yiannopoulos (writer for Breitbart) was set to give a talk on his political views at U.C. Berkeley which sparked outrage because people at the event claimed that he is a white-nationalist, a white-supremacist, a Jew hater, an Islamophobe, a sexist, a racist, a homophobe, and every other negative label that the Left love to fling at people. He is openly a Trump supporter, however could not vote for him as he is British-born.

These claims are somewhat absurd when you consider that Milo is a Greek Jew in ethnicity, while Catholic in belief, he is also a homosexual who has openly (and crudely) made statements about his love for black men. Now, I do not claim to be a rational and reasoning genius, but how they describe him and what he is seems to be contradictory.

This is how absurd the modern Left have become. The talk had to be cancelled because of protests. But if you watch any of the video evidence you can see cars on fire, windows smashed, women being pepper-sprayed in the face and hit over the head with bats and wooden flags with the ANTIFA flag. Where are the police and why didn’t they show up? That is not a protest, that is a riot. A protest isn’t violent by definition, while a riot is.

Luckily Milo was evacuated and is safe. However many of his supporters who wore anything which identified them as so (a Trump cap etc) were attacked on camera and beaten.

The absurdity of an anti-fascist group preventing someone from talking because they have Conservative views, and preventing that expression with violence, is lost on them. ANTIFA fight fascism with fascism. They don’t seem to see how smashing fascism in all of its forms is exactly what fascism is. Do they even know what fascism is or means? Fascism means unity, they certainly are smashing that.

Similar things have happened to the Conservative Jew, Ben Shapiro. His talks are regularly closed down because he is a ‘Nazi (National Socialist) white-supremacist’. Seeming as he is a Jew, this is absurd considering that the National Socialist movement in every country it has raised its ugly head has always come for the Jews first. This is further proof that identity politics stems from the urge to scapegoat entire blocks of society in order to push an agenda. Calling Ben Shapiro a white-nationalist while he is a Jew, which is not white, is intellectually dishonest, and dare I say unintelligible.

The Left have constructed their own narrative, processing ideologies which brand any view anymore Right-wing than the most extreme Left-winger’s as fascistic. Which is why extreme Left-wingers regularly turn on their own and cannibalise each other. Competitions in tolerance to weed out the intolerant. While being intolerant of anyone less Left-wing than themselves.

ANTIFA are the brown-shirts of Communism and Anarchy. Their tactics are collectivist and fascistic, while pretending to be Liberal. The problem with the modern Left is that they value every single form of diversity except diversity of thinking and opinions. You are allowed to disagree with the small details and implementation, but if you disagree with the conclusion of Utopia and who the enemy is: you’re a Right-wing fascist-white-supremacist-racist-sexist-CIS-male-transphobic-homophobic-Islamophobic-xenophobic-Trump supporting-Nazi!

President Trump reacted to this shutting down of the talk by suggesting that he may punish the university with economic starvation. That would be a good start with institutions which regularly abuse Right-wing rights, while catering to the Left like babies. The next thing he can do is maintain a strict no-riot standard, which allows all forms of protests except those that fall into violence and riots as they are the only form of protest which is unacceptable in the market of ideas and a free society.
The fist is not an argument, it is a self defeating knock-out.

President Trump’s response to the attack and riot:
‘If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?’:

An article from Milo Yiannopoulos’s publisher Breitbart:
‘The Night Berkeley Betrayed The Free Speech Movement’:

‘Milo Yiannopoulos evacuated from Berkeley violence’:

Video source:
‘The Truth About the Berkeley Riot’:


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‘Anti-Milo Yiannopoulos Rioters Burn UC Berkeley | True News’:


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2 thoughts on “The day a Jewish homosexual was attacked for being a homophobic white-supremacist.

  1. “The funny thing, in any other situation, you may have had a point there;

    Except my boss is a woman, I was a chick in the 40’s, I hate everyone equally and there isn’t a man alive who can determine my sexual preference.

    In other words, CH-CH-CH-CHECK YO’ PRIVILEGE!!”

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