I think the problem right now isn’t even Islam, or immigration, but the people who ignore the growing trends and problems and then allow such problems to build and build – just to make it clear, I mean people in power rather than the everyday person who doesn’t see a problem.

The main reason the general public in many areas are rising against such a trend is not because they haven’t had enough experience with immigration or integration – but exactly because they have had enough experience with immigration and integration, and don’t have the luxury of moving or being able to survive it economically and demographically. To just attempt a mass replacement of the working class via immigration is like some crazy ass economic genocide which the politicians and celebrities who advocate it never have to see, deal with or even glance at – which is why I think the trend of ignoring the mass media and a growing hatred of famous people is currently so evident.

Simply using a term like racism or Islamophobic every time a working class person identifies that they are being screwed over by their state is immoral. It is silencing the people that Socialism and Globalism always said it represented and looked after. They have been discarded for another more oppressed and poor pet, which will then be discarded when something more oppressed comes along. They see they are being used, and they don’t like it. Pointing out you’re being used is not xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist, sexist, fascist or any other demeaning label. It is reasonable and rational when it is the reality.


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