Liberalism and Communism has been smashed into each other to such a degree that Classical Liberalism is now the new Conservatism.

In Britain Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour party is seen as the human face of politics, the political Jesus, I mean that would be funny if it wasn’t so true when it comes to those who don’t let you criticise this man. Even those of the Labour party who disagree with him are labelled as Tory-plants, because of course no one can disagree with Corbyn because he is perfect.

He is often referred to as ‘Jezza Corbooooooo!’ People talk about him like they eat jam with him, and they still think he represents the working class of Britain. While all polls show the working class are more Conservative because Labour has nose-dived into retarded Communism once again.

Communism has never been well received by the British because of the values which makes us British. We are uniquely inoculated against sacrificing the individual for the collective. The pinnacle of the Conservative value of industry, freedom of opportunity (rather the equal results), reward for merit and the greatness of the family is instilled and lived by the patriotic working class which are now being demonised as racist xenophobes by the very party which pretends to stand up and represent the working class: Labour.

1. ‘Labour now third most popular party among working-class voters, poll finds’:

2. ‘Labour now third most popular party among working class voters, poll reveals’:

3. ‘Labour slumps to THIRD among working class voters: Poll shows party trails Tories and Ukip ahead of crunch by-elections in Stoke and Copeland’:

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