We often hear that something is ‘just a social construct’ or ‘just a human construct’, as if this refutes whatever was said. But social and thus human constructs stem from reality in order to even exist in the first place. They are objective realities.

Calling something false because it is a social construct is a fallacy, agriculture and Science may also be social constructs, but they blatantly exist, and are used because they exist and stem from a reality which makes agriculture and Science objectively possible.

The most wide spread and famous social construct is that of the Hierarchy system. The Hierarchy system is older than trees. It is a bigger part of the reality of life and the animal kingdom than trees. It has allowed life to propagate and have a social reality for millions of years.

Trees are over 400 million years old. The first fish that used social constructs such as hierarchy systems are over 530 million years old, and arthropod are over 570 millions year old. Arthropods are the first known complicated social construct based life forms on Earth.

The things that allow us to continue breathing in our environment are younger than the hierarchy and social constructs which we still use. We do not use them because of culture or because of evil white males. We use them because they are real parts of our entire brain structure and how we function as social beings. It is odd to say we even use them, social constructs are like time and space, we do not use them, we are them and be within them objectively. They are real. As real as our organs and our thoughts. As real as the gender in our bloodstream.

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