So to begin; this state will write its own constitution. This particular one will allow the freedom of speech and the power to offend without fear of monetary fines or imprisonment. This will also allow the free practice of any religion so long as it causes no trespasses on other living things rights. This will include animals. This means that animal sacrifice would be forbidden and of course so would any other form of abuse. Free practice of religion is private; therefore public proselytising buildings such as churches will have to pay tax, as all things not owned by the state would. I will come onto why taxing is a component of the freedom of this state later on.

The constitution will also make all forms of sexual relations legally acceptable. Paedophilia and bestiality will remain illegal for two reasons:
1.They both are impossible to get responsible and logical consent for.
2.They both result in suffering for the un-consented victim, thus infringing on their basic rights as a living being.

This constitution will also offer a literal social contract. The coming of age (When the right to vote had been obtained.) will be marked with a contract proposal. This contract will be the agreement of said person to join the state, obey its laws and be punished in the form of fine and/or imprisonment for disobeying those laws. Upon signing it said person will officially be a citizen of that state and be held accountable for all of his/her actions according to the state and its laws. Refusal to sign the contract will give said person the option of selecting another state to become a part of, which your current state will pay travel and fees for you to become a citizen of that chosen state.

Moving onto the subject of race and gender; in this society it will be a moral imperative to erase the damage done by racial, sexual and class based discrimination.(1) This will be done by the teaching and the raising of children in a racially, sexually and class aware manner. Thus, teaching the history of each and the suffering produced by such ideas. This will of course use history and then politics to show the past and manners these things were implemented and/or changed. Biology and anthropology will also be used, which both show that races within the human species do not exist, nor does much difference between male and female bodies, their mental and intellectual capacities are as different as one man to another man, making gender and race irrelevant. “One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius; and the feminine situation has up to the present rendered this becoming practically impossible.”(2)

Class is however, a defining characteristic of more opportunities based on the situation you’re born into. A higher classed person would receive a better education, this is a problem and makes societies unfree based on location and the family you’re born into, which leads me onto the way we would deal with such a thing.

Now I will be explaining why taxes are so important and how the state will erase the class system. Healthcare, education, housing and food will be paid for by the state. Earnings will be used to buy commodities, while education based places and materials such as libraries (And obviously books, textbooks etc.), museums, botanical gardens, schools will of course be free. Basic clothing will also be free while better clothing and fashion will be classed as a commodity for your wages to be spent on. Vitamins and other medical products will be free, so will the doctors and dentists which will be the ones to give you such things and prescribe medicine to you accordingly. Housing will be paid for and you will be allocated based on situation, children, relationship etc. No housing area will be left to go under a standard, the moment it does, the state will step in to return it to the standard which is acceptable for living in and healthy to those who live there. This will all be paid for by high taxes, whatever wage you received will be purely for commodities and serves no other purpose.

And lastly, on the matter of anarchy: Anarchy cannot be considered as a legitimate option for the state. To allow the people who want it to have anarchy would be Democratic, but to actually give it to all of us and dissolve the state as a whole would be to allow the tyranny of natural inequity, which is in direct opposition of what the state should be doing for the people. In anarchy you would be free as much so as you would be free to be oppressed and treated as an unequal. You would be free to take and free to be abused, free to mistreat and be mistreated. The moment people group together in order to balance this problem and rid the group of such tyrannies, you have created a state and are doing exactly what it was doing before you rejected it. Which would result in making the choice of choosing anarchy pointless. This will inevitably happen if anarchy is considered as an option and given as one.

So to conclude; the people of this society will literally be given a social contract and wages will be used purely for commodities. It will not be idealistically free, but the chain will be chosen, not forced. Selected chains fail to be chains and are transformed into bonds. An idealistically free society is not possible in our current reality, but we should never stop striving for it. We should always remember the words of Oscar Wilde when we are concerned about such a thing.

‘A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing. And when Humanity lands there, it looks out, and, seeing a better country, sets sail. Progress is the realisation of Utopias.'(3)

1. For a study on racism and Colonialism damage see Franz Fanton’s The wretched of the Earth (Original title: ((Les Damnés de la Terre) Grove press: 1961))
2. Simone de Beauvoir, The second sex (1949) Bk. I, Pt. 2, Ch. 8: Since the French Revolution: the Job and the Vote, p. 133)
3. Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man under Socialism (1891)

 – Simone de Beauvoir, The second sex (1949)
– Franz Fanton’s The wretched of the Earth ((Original title: Les Damnés de la Terre) Grove press: 1961))
– Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man under Socialism (1891)

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