So, today the SNP (Scottish National Party) leader Nicola Sturgeon has yet again ignored reality in order to please her crowd. ‘Scottish First Minister has vowed to hold second referendum’ and ‘Nicola Sturgeon to demand EU deal for Scotland’. ‘The First Minister said her preferred date for the vote would be between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019 when the terms of the UK’s exit from the union has become clear.’ Not only does she wish to have Indepence so she can give it away to the EU, but she also is ignoring that the EU itself would ignore her request. So why would she be leaving the UK except for an independence which will systematically destroy the nation she is meant to be putting first. Also note how it is fine for all nations to put themselves first in the UK except England, when England does it it’s racist, because Left-wing people always have good intentions and Right-wing people always have evil intentions.

Scotland is quite literally a drain on the UK anyway, they can leave and if they do so choose they should be allowed of course. However, if they stay they should at least begin to deal with the reality that England and Wales are the only reason they can remain in debt without reaping the punishment. They can’t keep blaming the Conservatives who don’t rule their country for all the economic and school related problems which ruin them on a regular basis.

The EU has already told Scotland that it has no economic power and thus will be rejected from the EU, so, other than a lashing out this is pretty much just a message to her loyals that she is serious. This reminds me of Cameron when he put forward a referendum in order to show he was serious…hmm. Polls suggest Scots are against the independence bill even more than they were before, I hope she is crushed and the SNP start reading some economics.

Primary source:
‘Nicola Sturgeon vows to hold second Scottish independence referendum as early as next year’ –

Source examples:
1. ‘Where has all the money gone, Nicola Sturgeon?’ –

‘Scotland, right now, has a fiscal deficit amounting to 9.5 per cent of GDP, more than twice the deficit figure for the UK as a whole. That amounts to almost £15bn or, to put it another way, almost 20 percent of government spending in Scotland. That’s more than is spent on education, transport and policing combined.

In 2015-16, Scotland raised £53.7bn but total public spending amounted to £68.6bn. That’s more than a fiscal gap, it’s a fiscal Marianas Trench. To put it into some international perspective, it’s a larger deficit than that run by any country in the EU.

Suddenly the promise of a second oil boom – much-trumpeted by the SNP during the independence referendum – seems a sardonic joke made at the expense of the Scottish people themselves. Oil revenues amounted to £60m last year. Or less than the cost of a hospital. Independence would have been an expensive business.

Ah, say the nationalists, but an independent Scotland would do things differently. Well, yes. It would have to. Deficits of nearly ten per cent of GDP can’t be sustained for more than a handful of years. Even the Greeks know that.’

2. ‘Independent Scotland in the euro ‘like Greece without the sun’, Nicola Sturgeon warned’ –

‘Scotland trades over four times more with the rest of the UK compared to other EU countries. Why therefore would you break ties with the UK for the purpose of restoring ties with the rest of the EU via European Union membership?’

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