I always find it troubling that people speak in such confident tones assuming everyone agrees with their statements, and when I disagree with them and explain why, they genuinely seem amazed that I don’t recognise them for the genius they know they are.

Is this a signal that said speaker has been living in an echo-chamber? This seems incredibly common in Universities too. Making broad assumptive statements and expecting no one to pick them apart in a Philosophy class does not bode well for the next generation of parents, and thus teachers.

I have also noticed that whenever Science which agrees with them is brought up it cannot be questioned. But when Science proves them wrong the Science must be Pseudo-Science. Seriously, bring up the Science of Sexual dimorphism, Gender and Races and you’re of course wrong because the conclusion is unsavoury. For a well-educated sceptical irreligious generation we seem to accept a metric ton of garbage as fact.


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