Not one step back,
Eyes locked forward,
Necks built to break,
Empires to fall.

I’ve tried your philosophy, It doesn’t work for me.
To be pushed around and keep your sweetness,
All the helping hands will fade away,
As you have no will to stand,
So tired of the lack of everything I desire,
All to be told “You’re nothing to me.”

Are they all weak?
Rude, stupid and slanderous?
All of your pathetic deeds…
Make them remember.

Show the weak man the truly strong,
He will try to mirror his strengths,
So fragile, so easy to break,
In the broken shards I see your face.

Wrap yourself in lies,
How you wish them to be true,
Strength Is being able to live with lies,
Not a single second spent believing them.

I live in this world of subjective truths,
Not for a moment do I fall,
I see your weakness…
And I’ll make you remember.

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