So today Theresa May activates Article 50 and begins our transition out of the EU in this two year negotiation period. Personally, I’m quite hopeful about this and perfectly happy with the stated aims so far. I do not believe for one moment that us leaving a trading bloc will destroy us, as it didn’t destroy Norway or Switzerland which are two of the most prosperous nations in Europe. Especially considering the size of our economy and military, and how much we are relied on by Europe and the EU already.

We dominated as a Commonwealth, and with confidence we can survive outside of a simple trading bloc, anyone who thinks otherwise has drank deeply from the narrative which was placed on Norway when it was deciding on its membership. Which was quickly dispelled as nonsense by the nation rising as a confident and independent economy and people.

Maybe when I’m an old man I’ll look back on this day as INDEPEDAAANCE DAAAAAAAY! Or maybe I’ll think I was sorely mistaken. Either way, people, this nation if yours. Plan for the worst and hope for the best, we are in this together.

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