Let my all judging eyes turn on themselves
So I may see my imperfections,
Devour the parts that I despise with the teeth that has
Without mercy destroyed so many before me.

It is so easy to criticise, rather than praise.
To destroy what you love with good intentions.
People always say you learn to appreciate
Something when you no longer have it;
I never was ungrateful, unappreciative of what I love.
The fear of lose fuels the fires of appreciation.

I’ll be the ghost,
The guiding hand,
The scream when you can only whisper.
The bad days happiness,
The sun to your moon,
The light to your darkness,
The edge to your blade.

Because the most damaged of souls are those who protect
And heal those around them.
They have learnt through experience and error the pain of life,
With the empathy to see and feel the pain in your eyes,
That person becomes the protector and adorer of your virtues,
The breaker of your vices and the beating of your heart.
The moon to your sun,
The reflection of your love.

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