I’ve dwelt with garbage, mockery and sickness became me,
I no longer wish to walk these sewers, cluttered gutters,
Trash will act as trash, no changing these people,
It’s time to leave, be dignified and free.

It’s hard to find yourself when you’re covered in shit,
People grab and claw at me, I don’t know why,
Life’s like that, a fury of hands,
I snap these fingers now; poison lies!

Bless this new thing when truth washes over me,
When poison is lost and healing is found,
When you see your forbidden face,
Relive the past and see I deserve nothing from you.

And my existence will leave little trace on the world,
Because I am of little relevance,
Is that freedom or a curse?
My life is assumption and perpetual audacity.

And to this day I do not remember,
When I offered myself away from the sun,
As the night comes to take me away,
The gift of life is given…
I no longer care for my destiny.

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