The criteria of personal identity.

In this essay I will be attempting to examine and critically assess the memory/psychological criterion of personal identity. I will begin with the concept of personal identity and work my way through the different criteria for it. This will lead to the psychological theory and what problems there are with it, the bodily and substance … Continue reading The criteria of personal identity.

#49 – The days are lost

You're not perfect, And neither are you a miracle, But you are not just another one, Another angel to hide my sadness in. Underneath the moon, The wind asks me why, Why do you wait? And who do you wait for? You're not perfect, You're just another person, Not blinded by Goddess' anymore, But you … Continue reading #49 – The days are lost

Political Correctness is Evil.

Political correctness is something which has been growing expansively, especially within our modern times where anything less Left-Wing than Communism is seen as the most extreme form of Racially based Right-wing-ism. I have often heard while in debate or just friendly conversation that political correctness is not dangerous, sometimes it is nonsense or absurd, but … Continue reading Political Correctness is Evil.

#46 – Ends

Thinking back, I have no words to say, I prefer to live and think within this day, And I'm not really sure where I will go, Or how, or why, or what fate will throw. And today, only silence, No longer living with yesterday’s violence, Don't speak, don't tell me, don't say how you feel, … Continue reading #46 – Ends