This meme brought upon me a comment which I thought was worth sharing, so I decided to place it within a post. My original comment was:
Jeez, ironically I think this explains the ‘death of the West’ feeling we are currently suffering in modern society to a tee, rather than its survival. The absurdity is by doing this we lose everything we actually are and throw our identities into the nihilism of being unable to stretch ourselves that widely. I do believe that this exact problem is why so many people are now happily going back to nationalism, local concerns and a strong concept of community with practical application.

Many people don’t want a universal open ghost of a society, they want something to actually be a part of which they can touch, be an evident part of, and put themselves into in a real and physical way. I think this is the core difference between Globalism (the untouchable universal society) and Nationalism (your local settings, people and the over-arching identities given to us and developed by us). Both are real, but one at least feels and is experienced as more real.


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