Being at a University which you consider ‘terrible’ is not an excuse for you doing terrible there. University is fundamentally about self-teaching: live in the library, buy books, use charity stores, write endlessly, set up plans and schedules, and work your life into a routine where you can read and write as if it is a full time job, so you can make it into one.

University is the place which is meant to give you the opportunity to teach yourself how to work with yourself towards a goal. So you can take reading and writing as serious as the job that you wish for. So when you get there you will work at that job to your peak capacity, and also take your reading and writing seriously because building that attitude is exactly how you get there.

One thought on “What University students should learn.

  1. I can’t imagine a terrible university. I went to a smaller State school and it had a four story library. I spent a ton of time in there.

    The problem American students tend to have is that they lived sheltered lives in high school, and when they get to college, they’re there to party and not learn. I had enough fun in high school that by the time I got to college, I just wanted to learn.

    The best skills I learned in college were reading + comprehension, and speech. I took three speech classes as I’m convinced speaking ability will get you far in life. As it already has for me.

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