I have been watching videos on r and K selection which fundamentally explains the Right and Left mindsets in an evolutionary sense. I have found these so interesting that I have decided to make an article simply to hold the links to the videos and books for people to share and enjoy.

Part one:
‘The Truth About Gene Wars: r/K Selection Theory [P1]’ by Stefan Molyneux –


Part two:
‘The Genetics of Politics | Liberals vs. Conservatives | Gene Wars [P2]’ by Stefan Molyneux –


Part three:
‘Gene Wars: r/K Selection Theory | CLASSIFIED MATERIAL [P3]’ by Stefan Molyneux –


An interesting video which talks about the same theory:
‘r/K Theory – Almost all you ever needed to know about Liberals and Conservatives. EP 59’ by Bill Whittle –


A book which explains r and K selection theories:
‘The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics: How Conservatism and Liberalism Evolved Within Humans’ by Anonymous Conservative –


An interesting experiment:
‘Mouse Utopia Experiment’ by Doctor John Calhoun –


Stephen Molyneux talking about this experiment:
‘Mouse Utopian Experiments | r/K Selection Theory’ by Stefan Molyneux –


A call in chat where Molyneux answers questions about the r/K theory:
‘The Battle for Human Survival | r/K Selection Theory’ by Stefan Molyneux –


Stefan Molyneux interviews the Scientist Dr. Jim Penman who has r/K theory hypotheses:
‘The Decline and Fall of the West | Dr. Jim Penman and Stefan Molyneux’ by Stefan Molyneux-


Stefan Molyneux interviews Bill Whittle who shares an interest in the r/K theory:
‘On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse | Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux’ by Stefan Molyneux –


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