The Umma in Islamic Theology is the Islamic community. It is seen as one unity which is why the identity of Muslim is sovereign over all other identities (nationality, race, gender, etc). This is why when a Muslim is murdered somewhere, for example in Iraq, the Islamic community are upset and protest this loss. Every Muslim death regardless of location is seen as a loss, and must be stood up for by the entire community.

The contradiction lies in this doctrine:
“All Western people need to answer for this Muslim killing in the East because of their governments, and the West’s history of slavery, racism and war!” – “Why should I apologise for a Muslim attacking and killing someone?!” – because your own Islamic Theology demands it, by not doing so you betray your own Theology and fail to take part and ‘purify’ your own Umma.

Completely inconsistent and contradictory. Hold Muslims to their own Theology, just like they hold us to our own Liberal values. For either of us to do otherwise is disrespectful to each other as human beings with honest and sincere beliefs and value systems.


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