Young lady once of my heart,
Now is your time to depart,
To grow and wander far apart,
Thus beginning the end of the start.

My ribs were spread apart,
Forced your way into my heart,
Bleeding red tears from the pain,
Falling like July’s rain, who is to blame?

The white skin I bit in,
Like a wine yearning to be refined,
Merging pain with love,
Became my hate to cage the dove.

Amoureux, the only one,
Alone and almost gone,
Unable to atone,
I set her name in stone.

Rose garden burns to give me life,
To fuel nightmares where I mock that sacred rite,
When I awake from my sleep,
No tears do I weep.

Now: Drowning you in a pool of blood,
Your face encased in mud,
Every day the same dream,
Choking you in an ocean of blood.

Let the water enters your lungs,
Let the blood exit your eyes,
This is the taste…the image…the delusion,
Of revenge.

Wake with clean hands
With missing space in bed,
A searing pain destroying my head,
A heart that has killed its love instead.

And so I renter the sea,
Lye on my back and think,
Love the chain that led me to hate,
In my dreams you suffocate,
Trapped for all time,
Between my hate and heart.

On the dead love of a mother,
On the fallen pride of a father,
Lost all you had,
In the blink of an eye.

This covenant of vampirism,
You cannot drink your own blood,
With sword in hand,
These bonds will end.

And when this is all over and done,
My heart you would of surely re-won,
Place a thorn on my grave,
To signal your atonement is finally made.

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