Lately I have been slithering for you,
I would feel death for you,
But not live for myself,
Why should I forgive anything of you?

And you, who promises a body to such distance,
I taste disdain,
And you, who promises a heart so hollow,
I will not fill you up.

I was always silent,
I always held my tongue:
I’m not waiting for any of you,
Dereliction Is not for me, I will not be left behind.

Look me in my eyes,
Stare at the face of your death,
Idiots bathed in greed,
Reap your fields of bullshit to believe In.

Because memories fade,
Underneath my scared skin,
Its anticipation I bathe In,
Because people fade…

I fell into nothingness,
Life Is but a dream,
And with each passing beat,
My heart is my own again.

Scorned, its wings taken,
Slithering, so long, so broken,
Burns it’s tongue on the soaring Sun,
Until another day, another person come.

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