With time I have come to ask the question why,
Solitude, loneliness, privacy and yet one more lie,
Unable to see into your heart and mind,
The revelation, the simplest of facts.

I see now, everyone justifies what they have done,
A noble cause to cover the true intent,
My eyes and heart burn from the facts,
I feel so lost and unable to act.

Now: Tell me why?
You cover yourself with justifiable lies,
I see nothing but your twisted face,
And feel only disgrace.

With these simply facts,
I no longer want to be a part of you,
I want to be free,
But these mirrored faces are mocking me.

And with time I might be able to re-blind my eyes,
To fall again for your simple lies,
With no eyes my heart will still scream,
Why do this with our lives?

Smash the mirror.
Deny the reflection.

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