Eyes open doesn’t mean they see,
Mouth speaking doesn’t have anything to say,
Finger pointing better off inverting itself,
You only see what you want.

And to this world I hold up my cup,
Sip and taste deprecation,
Happy at this distance,
Over which you drop your tears,
And you’ll go on living in belief,
That tragedy was forced by your past years.

Credulous is your desire to victimise yourself,
Indifferent now to how you think and feel,
And the tragedy is that I no longer see,
How and why you seek to destroy me.

Drop by drop, stone by stone,
Destroy or create, our nature is known,
Weak and bathed in your fate,
Tell me again how you don’t deserve my hate.

With a simple change,
Our lives and thoughts rearrange,
With a little time,
I have seen the justice in my rage.

Oh tell me, angel, and goddess, what has begun?
Why can’t we stay forever?
All friends and love is gone,
Alone I face what I have done.

Life and death, incessant droning on we go,
Am I with you, in body? And spirit? Or mind?
Sing the praise of being together,
Sing on, Sing on and on and on.

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