Once great king doth stand on his castle wall,
I am this man, now in pain awaiting his fall,
Awaiting his fate and loss of throne,
Fare rides on a horse for me to atone.

Give luck and progress to my foe,
So each new day brings a new challenge,
With each new rise I’m pained with their success,
I Fortuned my foe, and brought me only woe.

How my tears have wetted this land,
How my scorn has blazed these people,
Fortune thus travelling down this blade,
My foe, once a friend in past unmade.

Great and splendid you stand before me,
Friend, oh how you have become my foe,
Tears and pain, taken and tamed,
My deeds, now shamed, not to be renewed again.

“My last words, my once close friend,
Before you put me to the blade,
I have but one thing to say,
Don’t pray for fortune to bestow,
For fear of friend maketh him foe.”

“My fortuned foe, how you frown at me,
I have once again brought you pain
Stole your love once before,
With my death I steal it once again.”

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