Blood drained from the body,
Eyes closing with ignorance,
Skin broken by the tests of life,
Whatever was promised, you gave only time.

The punishment given to this decrepit corpse,
Yet life remains, for the pride of another,
But gasping and ever losing,
Now eyes sealed shut with the weight of life.

You live like a shadow,
Unmoving and unthinking,
But yet you still speak,
Empty words with no thought for another,
The eyes shut but not the mouth,
Still passing on your poison words for a brother.

The corpse does still speak,
Words dripping with hatred that reek,
People with their credulity,
You they seek.

Rise ignorance and take your place,
Make a collective and erase your disgrace,
For now you sit upon your indignant throne,
With every sin in your mouth and no heart to atone.

Crowns falling like the sky on your days,
Power intoxicating, no change of ways,
You mock, you have lost your philosophy’s,
Twisting down, modesty into hostilities.

Time will pass and so will your unmoving mind,
Then another ignorant bred king will shine.

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