Twisting, turning,
Sighing and yearning,
Staring, eyes burning,
Beneath the flame, a tear.

Standing in front of stone,
Cold, stained and crumbling,
Standing in front of your legacy,
Not a word, but grieving.

Broken ties and lost brothers,
The day doesn’t stop and now does my heart,
Rain falling, weight on my shoulders,
I still remember that letter and number.

Kneeling in front of a stone,
Cold to the touch and crumbling away,
Kneeling in front of your epitaph,
Silent words, asking where you have gone.

Black days, cloud out the sun’s rays,
Once a year I remember,
Rainy morning for mourning,
Standing and walking back into the world of men.

I whisper to myself:
“Your words unforgotten, and my stupid ones never forgiven.
And yet I still stand and live.
With your face my reflection mocks me with each day.
To pass on your legacy…
And this pain I’ll soon forget.”

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