From water and warmth does life come.
Mass of infinite energy is how it all begun.
Mountains erupt from the sea which organisms can now flee.
Determining the path of forms, separating land, air and sea.

Bloodshed, the smashing of skulls.
Eons past which history cannot recall the deeds of all.
Slowly, agonising steps towards our current state.
Community becoming a new necessity to our fate.

An idea, a concept being carried inside the brain.
While all the time our violence being tamed.
Seeing our reflection for millennia’s past.
With no language to express our contrast.

Finally like a baby speaking its first lame words.
Forming sentences and developing our verbs.
Making crude sketching’s and becoming more social.
The benefit to us more and more crucial.

With effort comes the self-expression.
Which with time reduces our stress.
Rhyming and enjoying our speech, conversing in verse.
Yet still flawed and carrying an old ancient curse.

Still quite evidently a branch of the ape.
Murdering, abusing and indulging in rape.
As the language progresses the self-expression takes a turn.
We create symbols of our self, those who reject them: They burn.

With this our life took an ironic fate.
Like an artist who shows his talent with paint.
He made something beautiful, and then praised his art.
Forgetting he was the creator from the start.

Many millennia past and this painting still isn’t lost.
The concept of God, what has that cost?
Angels fall from the sky to signal the end time has come.
Or has the ape been deluded by his own face since time began?

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