I find myself leaving nothing but space with time.
I find myself with no light of my own to shine.
Working hard to gain reason for pride.
Digging out and finding nothing inside.

Alone or lonely? To belong to myself only.
Caged or free? Doesn’t matter much to me.
You love now but later will only feel shame.
For having no power over a heart you wanted to tame.

With your wool dyed black.
You have no hope of turning back.
Do you think anyone would care?
If you vanished into thin air?

Denying the legion, committing family treason.
Breaking the ties and losing the value assigned to you with their eyes.
Is it a crime to cut your own tree down?
And to melt down that tarnished old crown?

Looking for guidance, not in my credence.
In myself only, seeking to make self-reliance.
Leaving the dust to rule my abandoned throne.
Sin? Disobedience? No urge to atone.

No longer stained with the names of fathers.
No longer in the affectionate hands of our mothers.
Willing to treat with equality as if like brothers.
There’s no telling what we have left to discover.

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