Maybe one day I’ll be closer to the source.
Maybe one day I’ll find the words.
But don’t bet on it.
Don’t bet on me.

As corrupted as all the rest.
Ill as any, with pale grey flesh.
It’s not pessimism or lack of ego.
But being realistic and knowing your limits.

There will always remain the bitter core.
Born into a grave the past has bore.
I’m not looking for a way to money or fame.
Just a memory to reclaim and frame.

So don’t look to me for advice.
I am just as confused as you.
Trying to live openly but always hiding.
There is always something we forget to say.

So maybe one day I will have the words.
But today is not that day.
I continue to live as lost as you.
Alone as you but you will never know.

Words are spoken for the few.
Nothing calls or beckons you.
Fate, an excuse to wait for nothing.
Move, walk, go, leave and live for you.

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