Conquering grounds, delivering them into unseen hands,
Taking, as the swords are shimmering,
Stamping towards another new found land.
     Immaculate, not a stronger power to be found,
Rising, this new state glimmering,
Marching forward, raze to the ground.
     We take, So obey your new master,
Defiled, the spilled blood shimmering,
Taken towns have no history forever after.
     Escaping past masters, struggling towards disaster,
Hope, the eye of the state still glimmering
Walking forward ever faster.
     This empire all falls down,
Once had the whole world trembling,
No longer makes the power hungry moan.

Our state, now left alone,
On us the sun no longer glimmering,
Now dust sits on our throne,
Glory, has stopped shimmering,
For our violent past, we wish to atone.

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