Here are a list of articles on the Conservative’s Manifesto and the policies contained within it, followed by the Manifesto itself as a PDF.

‘Conservative manifesto for General Election 2017: Key points, policies and summary’ by Gordon Rayner –

‘Theresa May unveils her campaign slogan ‘Forward, Together’, but where have we heard it before?’ by Laura Hughes –

‘Conservative manifesto launch: Private schools will be forced to sponsor state sector or lose charitable status’ by Camilla Turner –

‘Theresa May has served up something for everyone in her Conservative manifesto buffet’ by Asa Bennett –

‘Theresa May vows to overhaul honours system to ensure it ‘rewards genuine public service’ amid cronyism concerns’ by Jack Maidment –

‘Red Theresa’s manifesto: The Prime Minister’s election strategy is simply to discard ideology’ by Fraser Nelson –

‘Middle May: How the Prime Minister is discovering a new centre ground; The premier is one of the first to recognise Britain’s emerging political fault line’ by David Goodhart –

The Conservative party’s 2017 Manifesto:


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