What the regressive left fail to realise is that by pushing this oppressor/oppressed, bigot/victim narrative where you can portray anyone as evil by being white, heterosexual, Christian (insert any other arbitrary characteristic), you lionise and give an excuse to everyone who feels oppressed to become an oppressor. By also portraying Islam as the most oppressed religion in the world (the statistics clearly show that Christianity is (1)), and the rest of the world hating it out of racism and xenophobia you give every single ‘victim’ and person who feels like an oppressed minority a narrative of justifying their joining of Islam and thus terrorism when they try to readdress the balance.

You can blame racism and bombs all you like, you can blame the right-wing all you like, but that is merely one side of the reality – reality is not ideologically driven and can see both sides which makes up reality. The reality is that while the right-wing views of Islam are certainly not helping because it also allowing Islam to play the victim-card by trying to lionise ourselves, they are at least trying to speak the reality of Islam’s violence. (2) While the regressive Left also enables Islamic terrorism to form its own narrative of protecting the Umma and seeing the West as degenerate. This identity politics obsession will merely appease Islam and perpetuate its spread. (3)

(1) ‘Report: Christianity Most Persecuted Religion Worldwide’ –
(2) ‘Muslim Statistics (Terrorism)’ –
(3) ‘British soldiers should have ‘cups of tea’ with Islamic State terrorists, says Jeremy Corbyn ally’ –


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