Derelict are the towers,
Spiralling and burying below,
Pushing always and ever down,
Through the depths of desire.

You’re a machine,
An abandoned church,
Empty and lost,
Incomplete and failing.

I have the sharpest teeth you have felt,
And the silveriest tongue to whip you,
Destruction comes in all forms,
Words will be your delusions fall.

So I speak again,
Taking and raping,
I’ll leave you empty.
Because it’s how we all start.

In the hour of your corruption,
We assault you with judgement.
You’re indulging in what is apparent,
While remaining entirely transparent.

Ignoring every lesson past,
Proving that you’re useless trash,
Lessons are drilled in with pain,
Always acting alone in your self-made rain,
Try to tame and break others,
While the problem is your brain.

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