Just a little introduction to our continent for people to understand our ways and culture.

Welcome to Europe, where facts are racist. These are not economic migrants, they are ‘refugees’. These are not Muslims, they are ‘Syrians’, ‘Asians’, ‘Africans’, ‘Pakistanis’, ‘Brown people’ and ‘Blacks’. Europe is a place where losing your culture to a ghetto is ‘cultural enrichment’. Where gang rape of children and young girls are ‘growing pains of multiculturalism’. Where a Jewish baby having its head stamped on is ‘standing up to Zionism’. Where you’re a ‘racist, hate-filled, xenophobic fascist’ if you want a controlled immigration policy. Where right-wing means ‘immoral’, and where left-wing means ‘paragon of moral virtue’. Where white, gay men ‘cannot be oppressed or suffer from homophobia because they have power’. Where a group protests thirty years of child rape and is branded ‘racist’. Where the moment a group has any form of power or number, they are void of all past oppression, need to humble themselves and stop oppressing others. Where Islam is ‘peaceful’. Where men are ‘inherently sexist’. Where women do not need to prove they have been raped to cast a man into a life of social abuse. Where masochism is our politics and facts, stats, demographics, being Conservative and being dare I say – a nationalist and speaking your own language is racist.
Welcome to Europe.
As-salamu alaykum.

‘Welcome to Europe, my friend.’ by SolSilence (Me):


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