The perfect face delicately angled.
The lips so soft and kissable,
Like red leaves entangled.

And that adorable button nose that begs for a kiss.
That faint smell of sweetness, subtle and easy to miss.

The solid, strong, gorgeous eyes.
The lovely, touchable and cute cheeks,
Red, like bitten thighs.

And the beautiful, long and stroke-able hair.
The Roses next to you look so ugly and unfair.

The smooth chin that needs a delicate finger placed,
To stroke while it tilts it for a kiss leaving hint of my taste.
Your silky soft neck that makes my finger tips desire to trace.

The forehead for which a small kiss shall adorn,
To show how it is you I adore.

Oh there stands roses next to you?
Your beauty stands strong, while theirs are few.

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