What is it that reality offers,
When people beg towards the sky?
Will it offer to me,
Something which I can see,
Without opening an eye?

What will come your way and what you want,
Isn’t always viewable from your front.
Reality can be rather blunt,
What most need is:
A sharp love to help bear the brunt.

So what you look for is true romance?
But listen not to your heart,
Don’t give it the chance.
What your brain chooses to love,
Will make you fear what’s above.

A person to tell me when I’m corrupt,
To see a monster and still be able to look.
A person to respect and be loyal,
During and until the end of life’s trial.

I don’t own you,
And you don’t own me.
Freely love and spend it on you.
I give my time to share with me,
Limited time and experience we spend,
I select you,
My love and my friend.

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