On this day last year the UK voted to Leave the European Union. I do believe this was for the better, and how the EU has dealt with us so far seems to suggest our choice as a nation was correct and the best thing for us. We still have time to see if this was a mistake or not, but of course, I hope it wasn’t.

Thank you to Nigel Farage​ (of UK Independence Party (UKIP)​) (as well as Daniel Hannan​, Douglas Carswell​, Boris Johnson​, Michael Gove​ and Jacob Rees-Mogg​) for applying pressure on the Conservatives​, giving us the opportunity to have this democratic right and vote to decide our future as a nation, within Europe and outside of the EU. I hope and trust in Theresa May​ to bring Brexit to fruition, and make the best of it by forging a good deal, or leaving with no deal if that becomes impossible. #Brexit2016Vote

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