So President Donald J. Trump visits Saudi Arabia, makes a speech about how they need to show the world they are fighting terrorism, or end up being sanctioned and maybe even leading to a war, and then Saudi does this. Nicely done.

‘Saudi Arabia and its allies have presented Qatar with a list of 13 demands – including the closure of Al-Jazeera television and a scaling back of Qatar’s links with Iran – that must be met to end the diplomatic and economic blockade of the small Gulf state.

The demands aimed at ending the worst Gulf Arab crisis in years appear designed to quash a two decade-old foreign policy in which Qatar has punched well above its weight, striding the stage as a peace broker, often in conflicts in Muslim lands.

Doha’s independent-minded approach, including a dovish line on Iran and support for Islamist groups, in particular the Muslim Brotherhood, has incensed some of its neighbours who see political Islamism as a threat to their dynastic rule.’

1. ‘Saudi Arabia gives Qatar 10 days to meet its demands: close Al-Jazeera and cut ties with Iran’ – by Telegraph:
2. ‘Trump Speech in Saudi Arabia to Muslim World’ by Mark Dice –


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