I recently sent a letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg about Parliamentary history, this is what I sent.

‘Dear Jacob Rees-Mogg,
Until the referendum last year I have been ignorant of the political system I live in and have never took part in it. However, because of the referendum I began buying books from people like Daniel Hannan and educated myself on the EU and why we should leave. Voting Leave was my first political move and now I wish to take part in my culture, history, nation and my politics. I have been watching your speeches in parliament, the Oxford union and in interviews and you come across as very well educated on British law and parliamentary democracy.

This leads me to my point and why I am contacting you. Could you possibly recommend how better to educate myself in our law system and parliamentary democracy. I regularly have conversations with people who have no idea how our system works, which is one of the main reasons they vote Labour – they simply want British politics to not be our system anymore. I wish to educate myself on parliamentary law and how our politics work in order to better educate those around me. If you could better inform me with some recommendations that would be fantastic and help shape me as a citizen. Thank you in advance.’

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