It is an interesting phenomenon to observe the British political system fail to understand reality. An example of this is how our system has banned many Terrorist groups, the list is quite agreeable in the sense that I do genuinely think that many of these groups, if not all are their for good reasons. However, it is curious how Antifa are not on there, nor Black Lives Matter, yet a group that only has 100 members is: National Action. (1)

They are a curious case considering them being banned has been used as a solid factual argument that right-wing extremism is on the rise. However, how is a Pro-Fascist group right-wing exactly? Fascism is actually a hybrid of both the left and right, and uniquely its own problem. There is not just the left and right wing, but hybrids like Fascism – of which National Action and Antifa are members. The absurdity is that National Action know they are Fascists, while Antifa call themselves Anti-Fascists, while acting like National Socialists and Radical Communists.

This distinction in Fascism has been ignored in Britain since the 1920’s when Oswald Mosely (1896-1980) left the Conservative party for not being right wing, and then joined the Labour party, only to leave that for being Communistic and Socialistic. He then formed the British Union of Fascists (BUF).

Now comes another interesting point – members of this party were arrested during World War II because they may have joined in the fighting and put the British state at stake, and thus committed treason. This resulted in internment camps all over the country to contain these dangerous political views. The absurdity is that we are not doing this with Antifa, nor are we doing this with Islamic groups and suspected Islamic terrorists. This does not reflect well on the British state and how it wishes to treat and protect its law-abiding citizens.

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