Nice to see the state and public are willing to prosecute an old man for having common sense and a English sense of humour. You had a disagreement with a man and then went to the police for hate-speech. What a pathetic man this guy must of been to have bothered to go to the police and report ‘hate-speech’.

‘Asked what he would do if a Muslim came to his burger van, he replied: “I’d give them a bacon butty and laugh.”

In his evidence, he confirmed that he had never before been in trouble with the law and he claimed that Mr Palmer seemed “agitated”.

He admitted saying to him: “You’re in the wrong place – do one.”

The pensioner went on to claim that “colourful language” was freely used by many of his customers, saying: “It’s part and parcel of a working man’s life.”‘

‘Burger van owner prosecuted after going on anti-Islamic rant and refusing to serve a sausage sandwich’ by Telegraph –


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